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Housewives of Secaucus – A Suburban Travesty!

Housewives of Secaucus – A Suburban Travesty

Housewives of Secaucus – A Suburban Travesty

Coming Soon!

Hey ladies.  Get your faux fur and come on out to “Housewives of Secaucus, A Suburban Travesty”  A combination of Housewives of NJ and Jersey Shore.

All the characters you love to hate.  This combination fashion show and fundraiser promises to be a side-splitter, so dress comfortably.

Click here for more information

Laugh Out Loud Productions at ABA Conference in Nashville

Wow! What a great time I had at the American Bus Association’s annual marketplace in Nashville. The event with over 3500 tour operators, suppliers, tour industry professionals and sponsors was held in Nashville, music city!

Can’t wait until the next one!

Nancy Rollins Levine

Hollywood Legends and Laughs!

Laura Roth and Uncle Floyd gave an outstanding performance at yesterday’s production of “Hollywood Legends and Laughs” at The Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt Manor, NY. Over 100 seniors enjoyed the show! Laura impersonated Liza Minelli, Judy Garland and Queenie, the world’s oldest stripper!

Joke of the day

I have two teenage daughters. They’re already picking out my nursing home. The older one just signed the DNR papers. DO NOT RESUSCITATE. EVER!

Nancy Levine

Happy Halloween!

Well, it’s almost Halloween!  One of my favorite holidays.  Maybe it’s the theatricality of it all.  I just know that I always enjoyed dressing up for this, even into my college days.  I’ve mellowed out a bit over the years; maybe only dressing up the front lawn, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Laugh Out Loud Productions announces New 2013 Season

Wow! New venues, new shows! Check out our new venue www.lakesidemanor.com

We also have four new shows this season! Hollywood Legends and Laughs, Talent Tiaras and Tantrums – The REAL Housewives of New Jersey, Vaudeville, A Tribute to Abbott and Costello! and Shut Up Sit Down and Eat – “The Only Cure for Italian Insanity”

Call us at our new toll free number 1-888-97 LAUGH

Texting for Seniors!

It’s no secret that the younger generation loves texting.  Now seniors have their own texting codes!  Here are a few I’d like to share with you.  If you’re not a senior now, you might be someday and texting’s not going away.

ATD – At the Doctor’s

BFF – Best Friend’s Funeral

IMHO – Is my hearing aid on?

Stay tuned for more codes, next time.


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